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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, May 12, 2003.

  1. I came up with 10:10 and 11:45est using Friday price action. I have received few inquiries about how to determine direction of a trade . I am not even trying to think about it when calculating trading times . I use a set of indicators which will tell me which way to enter at the time of a trading time.
    For purpose of this tread I suggest that divergence of MACD 5-13-8 is used. Enter at or after trading time when MACD divergence occurred ( it might take a while ). Use 5 min charts for simplicity but feel free to use any timeframe and see what time frame works best for you. I would like to suggest that you use other indicators to determine entry and post your findings here.
  2. 10:10 est.
    There was no divergence in MACD so no trade .
    However there was a range breakout ( yesterday high ), I will try to come up with some indicator which would show it. Any suggestions welcome .
    There was a MACD divergence completed at 12:30, little bit late for my taste, but considering time of the day I would count it as a sell signal. Only problem is I would not open trade between 12-13:00est.

  3. As a breakout indicator I will use 21 SMA . It would work today so I will use it from now on.
  4. Suggestion:

    You might want to just use this thread always...then you can start a Journal, rather than starting a new thread each trading day.

    Michael B.
  5. Thanks,
    I will do this only one week as I promised.
    I have an afternoon trade at 15:10est.
  6. Could you post a little longer before you shut this down....would be nice to test a little longer.

    Michael B.
  7. I might switch it to a journal after this week if there is an interest.
    15:10 trading time got MACD divergence about 15:20 , so it would be considered a sell signal . However this is a daytrading method so exit before close. Someone might be interested to monitor it overnight.
    ORBreakout traders got 1 trade
    Reversal traders got 1 trade

    Unless someone suggest otherwise I will use the same parameters as today to evaluate this timing method.