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  1. This is a second week of those pesky " trading times " , this week I will do analysis on Nasdaq100 index . Many of you emailed me that you were using Dow trading times for NQminis, It will be interesting if some of you can use Nasdaq100 trading times for Emini or Dow or SPY.
    These " trading times " are meant to be used with your existing method as a big time confirmation tool as an accuracy is really good so far. DO NOT MAKE TRADE BASED ON TRADING TIMES ONLY, monitor trading times and if using them as confirmation tool will improve your results, let me know.
    For those of you who don't have your own method yet I suggest that you monitor trades using 10 and 21 MA for direction and some divergence indicator like MACD or RSI for topping or bottoming alerts.
    Nasdaq100 is quite different animal compared to Dow so I had to do a lot of adjustments and it was basically first time I looked at Nasdaq charts in detail. Which means I do not expect the same
    accuracy like I have with analyzing Dow.
    Well, here they are :
    10:05 est and 12:25est. there was very weak signal at 10:50est but I decided to include it to help shorten my learning curve .
    I do not cancel any of trading times , I might add some if price action after opening tells me there is more.
    See you Monday,
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    thanks :)
  3. Yes, thanks. But - and not to be greedy here - but aren't you also going to keep posting DJIA!!!
  4. No Dow based analysis this week, I would like to see If NQ based analysis is usable for Other indexes as Dow analysis was used by some traders for NQ .
  5. I just want to comment on 10:05est trading time. Price went below 10 and 21MA's about 10:02 and closed below 10:04. Notice that at 10:05 price starts to break Friday support. It looks like that if at trading time the price goes below MA's and is at or very near of support , it will break it.
  6. I have seen a few posts by you that have been fairly accurate so I am sure like others my interest has been sparked. Have you already layed out your method for finding these trading times or do you have plans too in the future?
  7. Thanks for your interest.
    I do not think I will disclose my predicting method to the public. I think it is too valuable and it also took me few years to develop.
    However it was suggested to me to form a group of traders who would be interested in trading my predicting method as addition to their own methods. I am not sure if there is enough people interested in that, on this forum, but I guess this is where I am heading now. Right now I want to complete this week to analyze Nasdaq100 and then we will see.
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    i had a trade with bgen short at .40 that i DIDN'T take because it was still a lunchtime trade, low volume, but guess what, 1250 the market breaks.

    maybe i'll start paying more attention to ya now ;)
  9. Thanks,
    I would generally give more weight to the morning trades, these post 12:00est trades just take too long to develop, today it wasnot too bad 25 min but sometimes it is just hangigng there for hour or more. Divergence was completed at 12:30 so it was a correct call .
  10. Monday summary :
    10:05 and 12:25 calls were correct both easy to determine direction with indicators and overall trend. It was suggested to me that trendline is to be drawn on 5 min charts between closest highs/lows and trades should be entered only in direction of this intraday trend . So if you think you can use it, try to draw it on 5 min charts. It would work today.

    Tuesday trading times:
    9:40 and 10:50est. also 12:45est
    This is the most difficult chart to analyze, there was no bottom established . I think they will try to run stops tomorrow.

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