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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, May 15, 2003.

  1. I came up with three trades for tomorrow.
    Dow trading times 9:55, 13:25 and 14:50est.
    I usually wait with late afternoon trade after I get some price action that day but I want to start to work on SPY and Nasdaq100 to see which one will be easier for me to do.
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    Interesting stuff, please keep posting. When you say "Dow," do you mean the Dow Industrials index or the Dow mini futures contract?


  3. opm8,

    I believe, from what I have seen with Walther's calls, one could trade YM from his calls. His calls are times. If at that time there is a set up that works for YOU in the Dow, the YM could be traded. I will look at this myself as there were also set ups in the NQ at Walther's times on Thursday that worked out beautifully, bieng that sometimes, the SP, Dow, Nas trade closely together. Hope this helps a bit. Walther ?
  4. I do analysis on Dow Jones Industrial Index. It is done mostly on 5 min sometimes on 10 min charts. I believe that Ym is moving about the same and sometimes SP and NQ and their biggest stocks moving at the same time, so you are correct.
    I started to work on Nasdaq 100 timing formulas and they are quite different from Dow, SP is much closer to Dow than NQ so I have decided that next week I will do Nasdaq 100 trading times and then we can compare it to Dow and SP . Maybe I can kill 3 birds with one stone. ( I doubt it though ).
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    Walther - Might I suggest that you simply start one thread and just continue that thread with each days times - instead of starting a new thread for each day?

    I think that would help everyone - and you won't have to keep explaining yourself over and over again.
  6. Thanks ,
    I will do it next week. I did each day separately because I wanted to avoid " flame pollution " spillage from Monday and consequently from Tuesday treads . Things calmed down now so I will do it next week as you have suggested.
  7. I'll be watching for the dow moves today.
  8. Walther, how's the day lookin'. 3 times still being looked at ? Any changes ? Did you do anything with the 9:55 one ? I did a quick scalp in the NQ at 9:55 ish. But it was dangerous with the news action.
  9. Using DIA as a proxy, the 9:55 trade was great. Good for ~.60 in about half an hour...

    Thank you Walther.
  10. Great, so far, no additional trades . 9:50est was a classic, first divergence then MA crossing . Why would that be dangerous? Whe divergence formed about 9:50 you place a buy order above most recent high, then you wait for price to cross 21 MA . If price closes below MA you sell and if you are wrong( highly unlikely with this kind of st up and triggers ) you have stop in place already. I do not listen to news during trading , I just look if there are reports coming out . Remember this method was designed to reduce number of losing trades = less stress.
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