Trading times for Friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, May 8, 2003.

  1. Be ready Friday, around 10:50 est. That is only one trading time I have right now.
  2. Where do you get this stuff, Walther ?
  3. Market geometry . It looks like it is working .
  4. You trading times dont specify direction, therefore they are useless. And I checked, they are not different from other times you dont specify.
  5. Be ready at 9:30am est.
    And again at 4:01pm est. Which is when happy hour starts. :)
    (31yrs old and still going to happy hour on Fridays...and I'll never stop)
  6. BUY as for me (intraday swing I don't speak for the whole day) :D

  7. Sorry, but these "calls" suck.

  8. TGregg


    Also, watch out for 12:30 - my magic indicator suggests a slow down in volume about then. :D
  9. to estrader: at any time there is a buyer and seller, you have to make decision who you want to be, if not sure, stay flat. Look at my Friday post where I called Wednesday noon top 5 days ahead.
    Geometry can be very useful but it is definitely out of the mainstream.
    to uptick,solid waste and tgreg, you are on my ignore list but thanks for bringing in more traffic.
  10. Walther, i`m curious, are you reffering to affine geometry? Even though I may not use it to trade I am always open to learning about new technical trading ideas. Any good websites to rec.?
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