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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. 11:35 and 12:10 EST See how this new method works in a dead period of the trading day.
  2. Whamo


    Care to explain a little further? What was to happen at those times? Your 11:35am "prediction" was on the money but you failed to say SHORT at 11:35...
  3. What is the rational for your ambiguous prediction?
  4. Go back to my post for Tuesday or further back. My prediction are best on this forum, period.
    I didnot failed to say SHORT, when I predicted that, I didnot care about direction.
    When we got to 11:35 I knew what to do. If you use basic TA, overbought/oversold or divergence signal determine direction around that time.
    This week acuracy was 80+%. I know it is a small sample, but I was not posting all the signals to avoid " randomness" .
    My method is great for an experienced traders only, who can determine direction of the trade around or at that posted time. Reward is they will be 80% correct if they follow the method
  5. Are you telling me that you could not make up your mind on direction of trade at 11:35est ?
    If that is the case , you have lot to learn.
    If not, explain your ambiguous question.
    Did you missed a boat at 11:35 at daily high ?
  6. 11:35 I can see...but as for 12:10 i'm not sure where your line is coming from...

    these cryptic predictions are too much...

    have fun
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    Quite a few people like to play "I know something you don't know". Meets some psychological need or other.

  8. You guys want everything given to you under your nose with stops and everything. Unreal .
    If you missed 11:35, daily high, you have gotten another chance at 12:10, you must be blind or blinded ...
    Of course you are not sure where my line is coming from, you have never seen anything like it.
    Open your eyes....
  9. Woody


    I don't recall seeing this in his posts, but it looks to me that he is trying to predict times when the market will turn. So if you see a swing high at 11:35 you would go short. This is only my casual observation, so I may be totally wrong.
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    Keep posting Walther
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