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  1. YHOO has ben down for 3 days and the close on Friday was 15.52. The drop was the reaction to the new CEO. I believe that YHOO will start going up to 16.30 in 5 days. Time to trade the stock or buy some calls or sell PUTs.
  2. I see no selling pressure. This might cause the buyers and traders to jump in and commit themselves to shares.

    These are just my thoughts and observations.
  3. I was wondering where you had gone.

    I think a stock market friendly deal is less likely now. I am surprized the stock is as high as it is as they even said YHOO will remain a public company in some form: no one will be able to buy the the domestic business.
  4. I was on vacation. I am doing good by selling PUTs. I am not expecting YHOO to go to $30. $17 to $22 is the probable range.
  5. I've been doing the same and it's been good to me. Though vol's not what it used to be so i have cut my size a lot.

    I think the takeout is 16-17
  6. I made 22K on selling PUTs and covered calls on YHOO on just December. I am bullish on YHOO but I don't buy calls. I sell puts and then if I get assigned, I sell covered call. I was doing this on 15 strike price a couple of months ago but I switched to 16 as the price went up. I have a little over 300 contracts naked PUTs.
  7. YHOO has recovered early losses of today and is almost flat now. Considering the fact that GOOG is down over 4%, YHOO stood up well today.
  8. Something is happening. Stock started to move up and 30000 Call 20 for April was traded today at 0.1. Lots of other call activities.
  9. Ummmmm..... I like what I see AH. Time to buy now. Tomorrow is later than today. YHOO at $16 is a teal. Please don't start the old story of comparing it with GOOG. You buy YHOO for takeover reasons.
  10. YANG "the most hated guy among YHOO investors" is leaving YHOO
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