Trading thru the holidays

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Will the S&P close 2009 above or below 1117 ?

  1. will close above 1117

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  2. will close below 1117

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  3. I'm checking this box because I do not like you or these polls

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  1. Usually holiday trading is slow. Though there is alot of bullish sentiment, there still may be an upward bias til the end of 2009.

    The current S&P price is 1117.

    Do you think the S&P will close this year higher or lower than 1117 ?

    I say higher.
  2. I think for the rest of the year it has a good shot at going up on low volume. Next year will tell the tale when every one is back at it.:D
  3. Agreed.
  4. AyeYo


    I also agree. Up on low volume to close out the year, tank in January - same as last year.
  5. S2007S


    how pathetic was that volume today....


    Jamming up the futures again tonight....

    INDEX VALUE CHANGE OPEN HIGH LOW TIME DJIA INDEX 10,377.00 35.00 10,363.00 10,377.00 10,363.00 23:16
    S&P 500 1,111.70 3.50 1,107.70 1,111.70 1,107.50 23:17
    NASDAQ 100 1,831.25 5.75 1,825.00 1,831.75 1,825.00 23:16
  6. No.Heat


    I honestly don't know, as I analyze the market on a day to day basis.

    I can trade the markets quite well but I cannot predict outside a small range.

    On this query I'm going to say, I don't know.

    No Heat
  7. Agreed.
  8. Thank you for posting original thoughts.

  9. +1 except if the Asian markets decide to take the global markets in another direction.

  10. I have an exit target of 1135 for an ES position trade i'v been holding since the end of October.

    I'm quite hoping we hit that next week so i can GTFO and be relatively flat going into January.

    The market seems to be heading to new highs and 1135 (1140 on the index) seems to be where we would round off before some profit taking kicks in.
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