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    I daytrade the ES off 5 minute charts, and the simple requirements I have for my trading screen are 5 minute charts for ES (obviously), Dow, Nasdaq, VIX, TRIN, TICK and MER with only MACD and maybe Stochs as Tech analysis for each 5m chart and I also require integrated trading.

    I am setting up a new broker/software combination and am leaning towards trading through IB using the Medved Quotetracker direct access interface for my charting/integrated trading.

    Does anyone have any good/bad comments regarding this and/or anything to look out for/avoid?

    Also, will I still need 2 screens - one for IB TWS (broker) and one for QT (charting)? Or can I get away with just the one screen using this set-up?

    I've read thru the setup instructions at and it seems you have to start TWS first and then start up QT on a separate screen.

    Any better set-ups for my needs?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I urge you to keep both windows on seperate screens. I have seen situations where you are not able to cancel an order thru other software and need to cancel directly in the TWS.

    Whatever you do, make sure you are always in front of the machine and you start out very slow with a small number of contracts to get all the bugs out of the routine.

  3. There is an interesting alternative.

    Get real time data from IB.
    Chart with Sierra (
    Backfill with MyTrack (adds 25$ monthly)

    Sierra is very good and you place your orders via the TWS: don't you have to keep it running even when trading with QT?

    Backfill, is optional but really useful.

  4. You have to have TWS runninng if you are trading or getting quotes through IB with QuoteTracker, same as with any other program that connects to IB.

    As for backfill, QuoteTacker supports backfill from various sources, including myTrack, IQFeed, Cyber, StockWatch,, DATEK/Ameritrade (once they release it) and others

    Jerry Medved
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    Quotetracker is excellent with IB. Of course once you have it set up right and support is A1.
  6. TRIN, TICK, MER: Could you live without them ?

  7. Kiwiboy


    I could maybe live without them. You said "How about..." - do you have an alternative?

  8. Currently IB´s datafeed comes without quotes for these symbols (AFAIK).
  9. Yes, but if you use QuoteTracker, you can still get them in the index panel since you can select a different quote source for indices.
  10. Is anyone else unable to login to IB's datafeed with QuoteTracker.

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