Trading Through TradeStation

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by blueem, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. blueem


    Has anyone opened an account to trade through TradeStation?

    They are offering commissions on par with CyberTrader and the use of (what looks like) TradeStation Pro for about $100 per month. They are clearing through Bear Stearns.

    This seems like it would be a good deal for system traders who would like access to TSP, but had a hard time justifying another $300 per month.

    Also, would it be reasonable to assume the short inventory at Bear Stearns would be more comprehensive and have greater depth than IB or CyberTrader?

    My only contact with TradeStation has been to send an email two days ago to see if they support QIF exports like Penson. So far, they haven't bothered to write back. BTW, does IB offer QIF exports?
  2. rcreal


    I know a few traders who contacted TradeStation and obtained the previous customer rate of $99/month even though they were not previous customers.

    As far as I know, IB doesn't have QIF exports yet. A message on Stock Talk ( under IB's Board posted some Java code to convert the TWS exports to QIF format.

    Here's the link: