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Discussion in 'Trading' started by nicepair111, May 16, 2007.

  1. I need a new broker as I am currently paying $19.95 per trade. Im not active enough to trade through

    Anybody have any experience with They advertise $3.95 trades. It seems to good to be true to me. Does anybody know what the catch is? There isnt even a review for them in the brokers section.

    What broker do those of you that only make a few trades per month use?
  2. empee


    im thinking about switching to them or because my size is too expensive @ IB. Any thoughts?
  3. Wow your right, looks even better than marsco. Still seems to me like there has to be some sort of catch for them to have such low prices.
  4. One


    Looks like they execute most, not all, of their order through Lehman, which is probably where they are getting paid. I don't know how good Lehman is at execution, but it doesn't take much for a market maker to cost you more than a straightforward commission.

    It looks like you have the option of directing your trades to the market you want for .003 per share, but it also looks like none of their customer do so, at least based on the routing reports.