Trading the Volatility

Discussion in 'Trading' started by antincedo, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. With greater risk comes greater reward, this market really is the proverbial 'double edge-sword'. So anyways just my thoughts...

    For me i find in order to trade this market my best i must be more patient than ever. As the volatility is exhausting to trade mentally, overtrading may really end up putting me in a bad place. The moves are fast and unreliable, so by cutting down on the # that i try to capture, i increase my chances of having a few good ones. Position size is crucial, getting fully in too quick will devastate some mentally as their entries get tested with 50%+ pullbacks, ouch. Studying the bigger picture, by watching the market all day i can get a sense usually of what it's likely to do at the end of the day.. Well it's usually either scenario A or B and when it's either, i jump in hard!

    Although it's a bitch, i hope it never goes away!!!

    Kind of how i felt about my ex-g/f... (that was unhealthy)
  2. I am making small amounts of profit if at best. I am going in small and the movements are swift. I can't trade after hours and that seems to be where the best trades are.

    At least you are making money. Good for you.