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  1. does anyone see why the Fed's interest rates will not continue rising even to above 10%.

    Maybe even into the teens?

    and if there is no reason for the Fed to stop raising interest rates, wouldn't opening USD long trades make good trading sense?
  2. The mid-teens? Is there a gas leak in your house or something
  3. I'm all electric here.

    why couldn't the US interest rate go to 15%? even 20%?

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    she thinks it should.;_ylu=X3oDMTA5bGVna3NhBHNlYwNzc3JlbA--
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    Because US growth is not so big to cover such 10-30%.
    With such rates all US corporate profit will go to FED.
  5. her lips are a little thin, don't you think?
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    Did you used to work for a hedge fund or prop trading firm, fxskalper?
  7. I was King of Egypt.
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  9. dude ... what are you smoking ?