Trading the US T30-Bond

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  1. I have been day-trading the T-Bond for a couple of years but can't seem to break through in making a regular living.
    I want to know if there is anyone out there that makes a consistent living day trading this market.
    I appreciate any thoughts that you may give to this matter.

  2. The T-Bond is a great swing trading vehicle....why waste your time in the negative expectation day-trading charade.

    Devise a strategy to capture these good swing moves and you just may find yourself, profitable, happy and definitely far less stressed.
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    What size are you trading? How long are you holding your positions? What are your risk limits? Are you disclipined?
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    The only way to make "real" money is to positon trade the 30 year.
  5. Do you think ZB is so different than TN to suggest a position strategy?
  6. A lot of the guys at my company daytrade this market and make huge money. When I mean huge it is usually $150,000 a day!
  7. hype on elite trader ?

  8. You must change your strategy or method then . Cycle analysis works very well on Bonds . You must know how to spot a trend reversal though.
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    ticks a day. 4800 contracts for 1 tick or 2400 for 2? Sorry sarcasm flies out of me when that green jealousy bug hits me. :D
    I would love to read what they are doing. I can only guess that it is large volume so a little more of our volume using a similiar methodology wouldn't hurt anything. Cmon, share.
  10. That's not huge...
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