trading the SPI

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by terminator, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. just starting a new thread in regards to my strategies in trading the SPI200. I'm a relatively new trader who's just managed in the past 2mths to make a little profit.

    i would appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE comments particularly from the more experienced traders on how to refine my trading strategy as i'm still learning the market.

    The strategy:
    essentially its discretionary strategy. I use OBV, Channels and Stochastic(5,2,3) as my main indicators.

    Entry is on open after the stoch has passed the 50 line.

    Exit is based upon either the price hitting the left channel line (upper one) or Closing/opening through its support channel trendline (right one).

    Any open/close below the right trendline will result in the closure of all open positions.

    Positions are held for a maximum of 2 weeks.

    In cases where the market is not trending (represented by horizontal channel) then exit is placed 5pts below the 12 day bollinger band values.

    Position sizing is constant (yes i know this is bad, but im seeing whether I can trade this strategy profitably before i start putting more positions on. Besides if it doesnt have an edge, no amount of position sizing will make it get an edge).

    oh yeah and how do u put a picture in your post instead of making it an attachment?

    currently 1 position open at 5813, todays close was 5871.