Trading The Same Stock Every Single Day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mpbizman, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. mpbizman


    I Was Wondering If Anyone Here Trades The Same Stock Every Day....Its seems you can get comfy with its moves and have an edge..
  2. NoDoji


    For a long time I traded POT almost every day. Definitely gives you an edge, trading the same thing all the time. Once I defined my prime setups with POT and tested them in sim for a while, my win:loss ratio since I went live is something like 8:1. I also traded AAPL a lot (until its price went above $235), and AMZN, which I still trade sometimes along with some occasional POT.

    I think POT and AMZN are just awesome to trade. You can trade small size (100-400 shares) and make some good money. When trading larger size you have to deal with partial fills and slippage.
  3. toc


    'When trading larger size you have to deal with partial fills and slippage.'

    What larger size are you talking about. Any numbers
  4. NoDoji


    I found 600 shares or more can be troublesome. I trade moves from pivot to pivot, looking to catch a strong move or possible a strong trend. But if a move is small before retracing, slippage on a stop being hit is annoying on more than 400 shares. On the other hand 400 shares usually produces $250 or better per move. Sometimes catch a full 2 pts.
  5. I trade the same 100 stocks every day: NQ.
  6. Igor1


    Yes, I've been trading CBI as of late.
  7. toc


    POT has daily average volume of 2.5M shares and AMZN has 5M shares.

    Just cannot believe that mere 600 share order produces slippage, may be it is something to do with your brokerage house.
  8. ddlee


    I agree
  9. NoDoji


    AMZN has a decent spread so if a stop is hit, you sometimes get slippage with even 200 shares. Limit orders are fine, but getting into a trade during a momentum move can leave you chasing entry after a partial fill.

    Any more, I trade mainly crude oil, similar P/L results with 1 lot and almost no slippage except very occasionally when that oil gets really slippery :p
  10. schizo


    Well, Mista Badass, I trade the same 500 stocks every day: ES. :D
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