Trading the same stock each day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by swinger, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. swinger


    Hello all,

    I am curious to hear about experiences from traders who trade the same stock every day. I look to trade stocks that are trending well on any given day, but I am considering specializing in one stock or one sector every day.

    Any thoughts, experiences or advice regarding this would be very helpful, and I thank you in advance.

  2. mike007


    I have a group of about 10 different stocks that I watch everyday and trade options on.

    I trade both sides,up and down, on them.

    UAUA and DAL have been pretty hot lately and so have the casino stocks like LVS and MGM.
  3. I do this a bit, but you just have to watch out for revenge trading. IE, GS took your money now you feel you "deserve" it back, losing even more. Just have to keep emotions in check.
  4. i traded the QQQs for many years. lots of liquidity, less overnight risk, no down-tick rule for shorting, tight spreads, etc.

    you really get to see & plot S/R and reversal times & develop a feel where its going.
  5. You are running the risk of selection bias. JUst concentrate on a few things like mike0007 does.
  6. swinger


    I am not familiar with selection bias. Would you mind explaining it a little?
  7. NoDoji


    UAUA has been fantastic lately.
  8. mike007


    UAUA has been a money maker for weeks now.
  9. Some people do very well watching one stock and learning all the setups in it. Personally I prefer to trade a few setups that work in any stock and go around and scan for it, but trading one stock is valid. Just make sure you can feel when it's choppy/grindy and learn to stay away. And you have to be ready to switch when your stock dies.
  10. mike007


    Why not play both sides so when you stock dies you make money?
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