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    I wonder if someone can give me some information. I have been trading the DAX 30 and the CAC40 for some years now and have been making good money on them. I recently went automated with my system and things have been going very well. I have now decided to try and adapt my trading system to the S&P and see what results I can get.

    Can somebody please tell me then what results I should expect points wise trading intraday from 1 contract from a reasonable system. If anyone can give me an idea of the points they have made in the last 2 quaters on the S&P it would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in adance for any information.

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    I trade SP500.
    I rather want to know how different to trade DAX or the other indice futures.
    I think if you are good at the indice you are trading, SP500 should not be so hard.

    By the way, I am a good thread stopper, too :cool:
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    Hi kenokabe

    I have been trading the Dax for about 2 years now and make about 4000 points a year intraday trading. Which I think is good results. With conservative money managements equates to about $70,000 a year (good enough for me anyway).

    I think you get bigger trends on the DAX and the FTSE than you do on the S&P, but there is much more liquidity in the S&P

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    S&P should be easily adaptable

    less noisy than the DAX
  5. I'm up 52 pts. net per-contract from the beginning of the year to the present. Not great, but I'm happy with it.
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    Hi No pm Please

    Are whose results based on intraday or eod trading?

    Thanks for sharing your results

  7. overnite holds.
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    Hi No Pm Please

    I suppose the good thing about the S&P is that you can trading lots of contracts. On the DAX or the FTSE for that matter if you go above 4 contracts you start getting serious slippage. I take it you trade quite a few contracts to make your money?

  9. I trade 25 contracts in the Emini. I haven't seen any slippage. If you trade the SP contract I think you should expect some slippage. I'd be doing better but I lost about 40 pts. per-contract in April. The war made for very tough market conditions. It seems much easier now.
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    Hi No pm please

    Thanks for sharing your information with me it is much appreciated

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