Trading the S&P/DJIA spread

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by esc_trader, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Looking to SELL at 28-30
    #21     Dec 30, 2002
  2. Looking to BUY at 14-16. Big immediate drop in the futures apparently, not sure why yet. Very fast mkt.
    #22     Dec 31, 2002

  3. Looking to SELL at 22-24.
    #23     Dec 31, 2002
  4. Looking to SELL again at 30-32. Surprisingly good movement in the spread during this holiday period.

    I will continue to post here for the time being, while I find a messaging service that allows me to message to all members of a group at a time (any ideas?).

    Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous new year!
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  5. Well, I know on the Buddy List page you have the capability to PM up to 5 buddies at once. Perhaps that will be of some use to you.
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  6. Looking to BUY at 21-23.

    I am looking for that functionality in MSN or AOL messenger, not on ET, but thanks anyway.
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  7. Why not use PalTalk or Yahoo Messenger?
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  8. Gost


    I trade through IB and have a margin question related ES/YM spread trading.

    What total margin will be in case of such a spread?
    As far as I could understand from helpdesk explanations high correlation of the ES and YM dose not count and total spread margin will be a sum of both products margin. Is that right?

    If yes, then, according current ES and YM IB margins it means to open one spread position intraday I need 3131 usd and if I decide to keep it overnight 4850.

    Are my calculation and information from helpdesk right?

    Tnx in advance,
    #28     Jan 3, 2003
  9. Looking to SELL at 31-33
    #29     Jan 3, 2003
  10. Looking to BUY at 24-26
    #30     Jan 3, 2003