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  1. Hello,

    Is anyone willing to offer me Pristine Method at a really affordable price for college student? I found the Pristine Method 1 on internet, only need the part 2 now. I would greatly appreciate if somebody would offer at a really affordable price..
  2. try to search youtube and you will find many helpful vidoes.
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    That guy who is reviewing methods has deals with those he gives good ratings inspite, of the obvious conflict of interest. He may have started with the right idea but, now has mucked it up! Totally, lost his objectivity now!
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    There are manuals being sold on Ebay and Amazon for $50-$150. Ebay, you can offer a lower price then, what they are asking. These manuals are 250 pages each and comprise of a lot of stockcharts and candlesticks.
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    Let me state, I have no affiliation with Pristine or any of its affiliates although, I bought and still use those manuals. Those seminars Oliver Velez and Greg Capra used to teach, they charged students $3,000. I bought the two manuals and some DVDs instead. Way cheaper! Lots of videos on You Tube. You do not have to buy the DVDs. Look for Oliver Velez. Regardless, of how you feel about Oliver Velez, I think there is value in what he shares in his videos.
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    just an idea "Einstein" taught himself.
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    Worse than worthless.
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    Learned everything about trading on my own. Did not have a mentor to teach me. Of course, I would have saved valuable time and effort if I had a mentor but, I did what I needed to do. Nowadays, if you are looking for a mentor, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And if you find a good trader who actually, mentors aspiring traders, how much is he going to charge you? The best traders are too busy trading and making monies to be bothered teaching someone how to trade.
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    I have seen a lot more garbage posted on these message boards that is being passed as trading methods but, I will leave it at that!
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