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  1. As we all know, the month of August (when mutual/hedge fund mgrs are in Fiji) is especially illiquid and generally choppy. I've found that the first hour of trading seems to be even more of a sweet spot during this month than normal, and more specifically the first 15 mins or so.

    I'm interested in specific strategies traders use to trade the open (first 1-15 mins) before that first reversal/pullback. What indicators do you look for before jumping in on that first tidal wave? Do you only play 52 wk highs/lows during that fragile open time?...etc.

  2. No one trades the open? Mmmmmmm..
  3. It's Saturday, and pretty nice weather all around. The market has been as you say, and many are thinkng about the upcoming holiday. Never judge the quality of your post from the quality or quantity of the replies you receive.

    I agree with you that the only action you can count on has been taking place within the first 120 minutes. So other than trading the break of the first 15 min bar, what else is there? Well you could trade the break of the first 5 minute bar.

    And the Forex guys seem to be having fun.
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  5. Thanks for that reminder Brandon, that is a very good thread.
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