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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by steve46, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. To all posters:
    I am trying to develop entry and exit strategies to trade the DAX futures open (first half hour). My approach is to anticipate the open and based where the market opens in relation to the previous days high and low, take a position using 1 minute bars. I would like to hear from more experienced traders whether their is a way to anticipate where the DAX will open. If not then my idea is to construct alternative "scripts" dealing with market open that is above or below the previous close. I will be backtesting the strategies and will share results with all posters. Thnx Steve46
  2. The CAC is already trading. So check where it is trading a few minutes before the Dax opens.
  3. mmillar


    You can try looking at the site of one of the UK spreadbetting companies. They trade the markets 24 hours so will have a view on the open before it does. Try - it's called 'GERMAN30 Cash'.

    Crude, but may help.
  4. Kap


    Yes,I agree this can work well with a quick scalp of 10 points or so, also try IG Index - beyond that its toss a coin time
  5. The DAX and stoxx50 are slaves to the US markets,at their open and at their their close.
    The DAX will adjust its opening price compaired to how the US closed, after about 1.5 -2 hours it will then dance to its own song.
    So what I'm saying is, your clues to the DAX open are in the closing range of NQ,ES exc..( unless there's overnite news).
    Just my observations.

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    Ah, very nice! Thanks mmillar.

    It looks like there is about 15 or 16 points of premium in the futures. So take the GERMAN30 Cash number and add about 15 to get the approx. futures price.
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