Trading the Oodly-Doodly way

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  1. Well, I'm up 80% since the beginning of February. That makes me huger than mrmarket! I will henceforth be known as sirmarket.
  2. stop watch is set...
  3. Oh No! Not that stuff again...


  4. what a stupid thread. why don't you go play in your sandbox :-/
  5. That's actually what I've been doing. Please remember, this is my sandbox, you don't have to click on this thread.

    In fact, you are not invited to play in my sandbox, because you are not my friend! :p

    You, LongShot, may in fact for all I know be The Most Profitable Trader on Elite Trader. You may feel entitled to your arrogance due to your P&L. But what I do know about you is that you are not the most valuable contributor to this board. You never have anything of useful substance to share with others. So you may be superior in your knowledge and trading skills, but if you keep all that knowledge and skill guarded to your own self, it doesn't help anyone else. You don't need to feel obligated to help anyone else, but the absence of that contribution decreases your value to the board itself. Especially when the substance of what you do contribute is just derision of others.

  6. how silly :-/
  7. Yeah, I'm silly. Could you guess it perhaps from the title of this thread? "Oodly Doodly". Again, you're not obligated (nor even invited) to click on this thread now or at any time in the future.
  8. this silliness is an affront to all professional traders and those of us who take our craft very seriously. grow up :-/
  9. You are always the quickest to accuse others of giving affront, and yet giving affront is the extent of your contribution to this board.

    Grow up yourself, by placing me on your Ignore List, and avoiding my threads.

    My contributions to this board have contained 25 times the amount of serious content as yours. You may, as I said, be a super duper trader, but the content of what you contribute to this board is utterly worthless in its seriousness and relevance to trading.

    In regards to my silliness, it is a sprinkling, an addition. The comment was made in another thread by someone that the top two traders at his firm are constantly engaging in silliness, telling jokes, throughout the trading day, to keep things light and positive. So my silliness may not be an actual detraction to the business of trading, but a valuable flavoring.
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