Trading the NYSE intraday

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  1. Nordic
    I rather think that specialists, in order to obtain their franchises, have made a certain binding deal that forbids such disclosures on penalty of death or dismemberment, transferable to succeeding generations.
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  2. achu...sure. the specialist has 60 seconds (at least) to sit on your order, whether market, price improved, or whatever. If your order is limit, he can better you by a penny and the world will never know the difference...
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  3. tntneo were you responding to my inquiry about ISLD?
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  4. thanks.
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  5. Sure, if the stocks are going to open more than a quarter or so away from the prior days close, you will see a "preopening indication" on your Redi machine.

    Don Bright
    #75     May 27, 2002
  6. davealex


    I use RealTick, not Redi.

    -- Dave
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  7. maybe on your level ii ??
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  8. I spoke with a broker who uses Realtick and he told me that for their firm-NYSE trades are routed through ISI. I am a REDI user and my impression is that when I submit an order it goes straight to the floor. I always thought that routed orders only apply to NASDAQ stocks- i.e. to different ECN's, Selectnet, SOES,etc and that DOT orders are straight to the floor. Can someone tell me what ISI is? If this ISI is indeed another layer between me and the floor, it is materially slower ?

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  9. LelandC


    I use ISI for my listed stock trades. I believe it goes straight to the floor. I don't find it to be slow at all. Although some of those specialists are slow (LOL)...

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  10. When orders go down to the floor of the NYSE, they go down to the floor with a give up(acronym) from the routing broker. Inside Real Tick the routing Dot providers are OES and ISI. They are direct connections to the NYSE.

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