trading the nq e-mini futures

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    how about someone speaking about how they trade the nq, what is you targets and stops ,and what kind of experience do you have with nq emini futures.
  2. This fourum considders NQ treaders (espesially NQ Z6 treaders) to be the scoum of the eurth. I wood not admitt to beaing wun mysealf.
  3. I think objectively speaking, the NQ is good for someone starting out that wants less volatility than say YM. The tick value is the same with less whip and more liquidity. I like the russell, my method works well for it.
  4. ........same tick value?
  5. I trade NQ, YM and ES depending on which one is doing what for the day. Given my druthers I will trade the YM first because of the spread. NQ is next and ES last but when one is significantly stronger or weaker than the others I will go with the flow. In certrain situations I like ES because it tends to have stronger S/R lines. I watch ER2 also but not brave enough to tackle it yet.
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    sound like a good plan beer belly thanks for you input. however i started this thread to discuss the success or failure of people who are trading the nq. As of the past few months I have found that the best e-mini to trade is the russell for the brave and the next the nq last ym.
  7. my experience is that the nq trades pretty much in lock-step with the es.

    instead of $50 (4 ticks) you get $40 (8 ticks), so the scalpers might perfer nq, but for all intents and purposes, I have found that the nq is "just" a slightly less risky version of the es.

    some traders think it "trends" more than the es, but once again, my experience is that they trade in lock-step.



    here's another opinion: