Trading the Nikkei with the NKD

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  1. Anyone trading the NKD futures contract offered by CME? How are the spreads and volume? What's the amount of contracts I could expect to trade with collapsing the bid or ask?
  2. Interested as well...
  3. I've had it up on my screen the past couple of hours and it hasn't moved, no bids, no asks. I guess maybe it doesn't trade much. I'm disappointed.
  4. I figured it would be nice to trade any asian session futures if I could find a method that worked. I don't know how similar it is to the YM or ES
  5. Who do you trade with? IB has access to the futures on the exchanges in Japan and Singapore. Each of them has too big of a multiple for the underlying for me, though, hate to risk too much per tick when I'm just getting used to an instrument.

    You could also trade the yen (with the USD pair or the EUR pair), it moves with a negative correlation to the Nikkei, with some upward bias lately. When the Nikkei takes its lunch break, the traders are still playing around with the ES and the YM in our AH, and the yen keeps moving with negative correlation to the direction of those.
  6. The Hang Seng, from Hong Kong is about to open.
    Its chart trades pretty smoothly. Don't know what kind of trades you look for though.

    Here's a 1m chart from yesterday's session.
    They close in the middle of the day, that is the lapse in time.
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  7. thx tradersaavy for the chart. Looks clean.

    What is the $ per tick on HSI or NKD futures? likely too much for me since I only trade 2 cars on the YM. Oh well...
  8. Comes to about $7 USD per tick.
    It is on crack though.
    I am watching a breakout right now and the spread can go easily to 15 points between bid/ask and that's when things are somewhat under control. It is very common to see a 50 point move easily within just a minute or so.
  9. the last time I looked I thought the tick size of mini nikkei 225 was 500 yen...basically the same as Ym.
  10. Hmmm, I thought the mini Nikkei was more/tick, that's the one on the Singapore exchange right? I need to take a look again. I think the feed's even free for that one from IB, but the fee for feeds from Japan is pretty negligible anyway.
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