Trading the Nikkei through IB's globex and SGX Exchanges. Question.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optionpro007, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Could somebody please explain to me how the hours for these two contracts work and how do you do to keep a position open longer term ?

    I figure both contracts have to have gaps at the open everyday ?

    Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
  2. sgxnk is closed today.

    sgxnk @sgx trades from 19.oo 'till 21.oo.[us time] then a pause of 1 hour or so and trading resumes at 22.oo and end at 1.oo. of course there's also extended hours that carries trading well into the morning european session.
  3. Thanks Bit.

    It seems to me that this contract is untradeable for short term traders. How do you plan stops and what not, if you have no idea if the next open will be 1% away ?

    Am I seeing this correctly ?
  4. taodr


    Singapore trading march contract tonight.
  5. nah, it's just right now that vola is dead so it aint worth touching it. that .25 min tick spread is gonna kill u if ranges are tight but back in january last yr this babe was something else, very similar movements as '99: 600 points intraday ranges were not unusual. now yeah most days not worth to daytrade it.
  6. thx, had no clue.
  7. Thank you both.

    I am still wondering how do people trade these contracts ? Are they meant to be traded only in intraday ?

    If somebody from IB could gives us the correct times, including extended hours and breaks these two contracts have would be very helpful.

    Does anybody know why the Globex contract doesn't stay open overnight?

  8. Thanks dcraig.

    So the Singapore contract is closed almost half the time. from 6am to 6pm EST.

    And the CME contract is open from 8:30am to 3:15pm

    Is the Nikkei's Osaka based N225 traded almost 24 hrs like the ES is ?

    If so, how do people trade the CME and Singapore contracts with some many gaps in time.?

    I am just curious.