Trading the Nikkei 225

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saxon, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. saxon


    With IB as a broker and eSignal as a data feed, how can I trade the N225?

    As far as I know, IB only offers it on the Osaka stock exchange, and eSignal only offers RT data for N225 on SIMEX.

    Anyone solved this?

  2. saxon


    Just saw this post on the eSignal BB, posted 11-13-03. Hope the year-end estimate for the addition of the Osaka exchange holds.

  3. traderob


    You could use ensign with the Ib feed.
    If you get it working let me know; the feeds are good for most futures but for some reason the nikkei doesn't seem to work well on ensign even though it is very accurate on IB.