Trading the Moon

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  1. Gettin ready for the change on moon ;)
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  2. Whats this course hair growing on the back of my knuckles?
  3. Do ya know what you're doing?

    Do you use graphical ephemeris?

    Geometry<<<==charts must be square scaled.

    Trade with that default Ensign lunar plot and %scale with Gann lines on a non squared chart and you'll be howling(in pain) at the moon.

  4. hahahahahahahaha.. good1
  5. Fret not infoload - I've been trading since 1986. The moon and I have this thing going on and it's sweet.
  6. She walks in beauty by the night
    Cloaked in stars ethereal light
    Her soul is fire, earth and ice
    The moon her mother blesses her thrice
  7. Sooo what's your call for the full?

    BTW: Isn't the moon a dude?:p
  8. Nah, trader28 has it right, the moon is a mamma.

    Won't call this one until we are there as this could be inverse.
  9. Drew07


    How long have you been using this?
  10. Maybe, unless it's inverse:

    Roll the dice!:cool:
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