trading the momentum cycle

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  1. this is the first trade. eg2.png
  2. you`ve missed the momentum 30 bars ago
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  3. i am short
  4. it may be just starting hopefully at least..i mean momentum down
  5. _eug_


    Where is the momentum down on your chart?
  6. That might be a good catch, but there are a half-dozen other technical trades on the chart. No comment on those?
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  7. traider


    Your short entry point is not good. For this type of counter trend trade, usually there is not enough meat if you don't anticipate the top. A safer trade is to short at 1.1720 and pray that there isn't a huge breakout.
  8. yes you were was terrible entry....but my reading was there would not be a huge breakout ....but i was trading a lower high
  9. after trading brooks for ten years and losing ...i am now a little choosy..till i am profitable

    this is not a tried and tested strategy...testing is just started...but appreciate your insights.....can you mention one of those other technical trades so i will know your way of thinking
  10. it was supposed to start when i sold :D started a little later see this chart eg3.png
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