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Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackfrost, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. jackfrost


    Folks, are there any resources around to help out with trading a larger account - $400k up.
    Forget futures at this stage. I have searched this site but cannot seem to find anything.
    For instance - would one be better breaking up into 50k lots or is 100 or 200k lots better? I prefer smaller caps BUT the downside is they bounce around a lot.
    I also "forget" about something once I'm out of it. eg bought Netflix at 10 and happily bailed out at 20 while it consolidated but forgot to look at it again (just noticed it was 70+). If I am not being accurate enough with my question - let me know and I'll re-phrase it.
    Thanks in advance ...
  2. wdscott



    Can you define what you mean by "resources" in your first sentence ?

    Dave Scott
  3. jackfrost


    resources =
    Books, tapes, threads on this/other web sites.

    How I originally started thinking about the question was Michael Parness (Waxie / rule the freakin markets) has a tape called "trading the large account".

    Here is a "for instance" to help anyone get their head around my question.
    I usually trade the gold markets $2 to $20 and NEM with options. If I put say $100 k into CDE then it is hard to get out at my target price (even harder to get in at the price I want because of slippage).
    On NEM, with my broker (online) I can only do 50 contracts at a time (on the prices I prefer that invests $15 - $20k in the trade) So I have to do blocks of 50 one after the other to get to 50k.
    No I can't change brokers.

    again - thanks in advance
  4. saxon


    Just don't make the mistake of plunking it all in bonds, as some kind of "safety" play.

    I remember an old trader refering to bonds as "the stuff that kills you slowly".

  5. i'd also like to know about trading a large account. it seems like most people at ET don't even have $25k in their account :D
  6. ig0r


    Why forget about futures? :) Mr. Livermoore handled futures well with quite a bit of cash, you just have to know when to move. With that kind of money you have to buy during a sell off and sell during a rally; not at the ends.
  7. lindq


    You aren't clear here, so impossible to answer. You're talking at one point about Netflix, and at another about gold. Are you trading stocks, commodities, or what? And if stocks, are you position trading (I hope?).

  8. he did? when did futures start?
  9. If my memory serves me, Livermore had quite a good time trading sugar.

    Anyway, futures have been around for ages. Just pick up a copy of Gann's "How to make profits in commodities" for data that goes way back .... think before the civil war :)
  10. Actually I would be interested in hearing from those with experience trading an increasing account.

    What adjustments did you have to make?
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