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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by HFOA, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Is there a firm out there that would allow me to trade japanese stocks during japanese trading hours? Thank you
  2. jebara

    jebara Guest, they have a direct access trading app for all asian markets.
  3. IB will be offering Japanese stocks in a week or two.
  4. they said sthg similar a year ago...
  5. def

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    I never said any such thing a year ago. I am certain of that. However, I can tell you for certain now that we have been doing a fair amount of work setting up the account and data structures and testing the interface. Two weeks would be a conservative estimate.
  6. Here is a section from the IB Communique of
    31 March.

    New Products

    During the last two months, CME floor traded products, CBOT floor traded
    products and Swedish stocks were added. During the next two weeks we will be
    adding Japanese stocks. In addition, ECBOT added options on gold futures,
    and a new large Dow Jones futures contract with a multiplier of $25. For det
    ails and updates on all products, visit our Exchanges page.
  7. thanks def, good enough ;-) (just for the record btw , but what matters is that the functionality be released)

    will there be an announcement in elite's other section?
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    that's not stating 2 weeks. we did originally anticipate offering the japanese equities before year end but a couple of other things (some of them quite news worthy) pushed things back a bit. We're back on track. I'll make a post during our soft launch - and of course will expect you to be one of our beta traders :)
  9. fair enough def, u win ;-)

    one question, what about any uptick / downtick rules etc?? i may or may not open (i dont do equities but am surrounded by people who do, up here in tokyo, and i've already advertised IB actually, despite not being a user... ) but that wld be an important point to these people...
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    we'll come out long only to start and hopefully allow shorts shortly thereafter but there are uptick downtick rules.
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