Trading (the) Holy Grail

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  1. OK, guys...

    Hopefully someday when you search "trading holy grail" on Google, this thread on ET will come up.

    We've got 10s of 1000s of active traders and visitors on Elite Trader.

    Certainly some of the wiser minds on earth post on ET or at least read ET.

    Therefore, I propose that we form a virtual 'round table' and figure out (for the first time?) exactly what the Holy Grail is.

    Initially, we need to define what (trading) the Holy Grail means.

    Does it mean a trading system that never loses?

    Does it mean a trading system that wins more than it loses?

    Does it mean a trading system that loses more frequently than wins BUT when it wins the winnings are greater than the losses?

    Or, does it mean being using an advanced system of money management so that, somewhere down the road (5 years? 10 years? 30 years??) you will have retained more money than you lost during that time period.

    Maybe it means something else entirely.

    Once it is agreed upon exactly what the definition of the Holy Grail is, then us traders, with input from everyone who cares to contribute, can try to determine what are the exact elements and principles that make up the Holy Grail.

    At worst this thread will ultimately contain some very good trading rules/principles, at best together we will uncover... the Holy Grail.

  2. The first question may be, What does the Holy Grail mean to you?

    My answer would be: A trading system that never loses: and that is often flat.

    No, I've never seen a system with this performance, it is just my definition.

    An alternate answer would be a trading system that net-gains X-% per year, year after year consistently.
  3. Holy Grail for me:

    Any system that has low drawdowns
    and returns above 7.5%+/year gains consistently.

    More like a goal to me, no grail or even holy. I think it may be evil though..
  4. How low of a drawdown tolerance fits within your Holy (or, Evil) Grail?
  5. The Holy Grail cannot be gained.
    Except for the one or two.
    It is the amassing of money day by day at will from a market or markets.
    The few who do, will never tell you.
    From any start you become from constant and high multiple returns of your stake money/capital, a millionaire, a multi millionaire, a multi-billionaire

    The Holy Grail is a cornucopia.
    Know it is there; know that you will not gain it.
  6. I had the holy grail and it delivered 400 percent in 2 months and I've talked about it ad ad nauseam on ET with hardly any response.
  7. my holy grail is loving what i do and having a great time doing it, while of course making good money without a boss. :)
  8. so then, the HG extends past trading/profits alone, and into general overall happiness in life?

    anyone concur with this?
  9. TOTALLY DUDE! for me that is :)
  10. A system that makes money for you while you sleep.
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