Trading the Greeks ~Novice Induction

Discussion in 'Options' started by jd_harris, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Who are the icons/ pioneers that anyone wanting to learn should follow/read thier book(s): Dan Sheridan, Charles Cottle....?

    Additionally, when managing risk Trading the Greeks & making 'adjustments' once in the trade, w/ complex option stratigies(condors/butterflies/puts/calls), how does one manage the risk: Where's the cut'n run?

    My current use of risk is 3.5% (I have a small account) and there is a clear and defined exit strategy based on price, so is this to say that Trading The Greeks, I can make adjustments up until I hit my Risk% or hit my account cieling and cannot add any more positions ('make adjustments')?

    But even then, I would think you could just implement a strategy to add more margin, no?

    It seems to be much much more fluid and if you're good at making adjustments your probability of having a loosing trade (outside of some crazy move/crash) is less, giving you a greater edge.

    Thanks in advance.