Trading the Fed decision

Discussion in 'Economics' started by esc_trader, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. You guys that wont trade opt expir friday's, you probably sat out today during the interest rate decision too. Some traders!

    Those moves down and back up today after the decision were great! Good day for swingin the bat.

    Anybody have any big wins or losses?
  2. Tacsian


    Well I started the morning off with two stop outs, took a nice long lunch and then caught the NQ short from 1206 to 1192.50 cover...while not a Big trade for many I'm sure, that was a nice move for me...

  3. It was a great day. I love Fed days. They were handing out money on a silver platter. :D
  4. Elliott


    Don't like to be in the market on Fed Day mainly because of the added & heightened pressures. Sometimes my swing system keeps me out. Yesterday though, I was short DJU3 at 9105 from Monday with SL at 9160. Hung in there for the whole move down.

    Still in looking for further downside to 8900 or breakeven.

    Again, don't really like trading Fed Days cause a surprise to the market can run the market against you really fast. Fortunately yest. was good. We'll see what the market has to say today:) .

    Much Success to All,