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  1. any brokers offer a free sim account for futures without you haveing to fund it?
  2. Open ECry has a free sim. I think it runs for 2 weeks, but you can request an extension or pay a small fee per month to have it.

    The nice thing is that you will get an immense amount of data w/ that even if you end up paying for the sim. Most other platforms will require some data to run it - example - NinjaTrader is free to sim but you need data to plug into it. DTN is easily $100/mo for that.

    Note - I just copied the reply I gave you in the other thread. Probably don't need 2 threads asking the same thing.
  3. thanx, im lookin TOS's paper trading software and i got the ES pulled up and i cant figure it out? the volume is like 100-1000 all day, my software says its delayed 20mins which i dont get and sounds retarded..

    is the futures market really on such low volume or is it this program?
  4. TOS is great for options... No laddered DOM for futures... checkout OpenEcry. Platform is decent.
  5. thanks, i downloaded ecry and it already seems to be working better...

    what are the hours of high volume in the ES? and how high does the volume get? only 50k? i thought it was higher
  6. A pretty cool feature is their volume histogram displayable right on the dom. Will give you volume at each tick. RTH's have the most traded volume but it is also liquid and volatile from 5am cst on.
  7. ES trades in the millions of contracts a day.

    so buy and sell to your hearts content!

    trading hours for volume is EST stock market hours. 9:30am to 4:00pm