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    sooooooo .... what sort of average daily returns percentagewise are we getting out there for say the YM on CBOT ? anyone care to share ? Mine are all over the map and i give too much money to the brokers for commisions every day. thinking about giving up intraday and moving to other ways. Any comments ? thanks.
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    For emini contests ''winners'' ;
    double didget

    For professionals;
    Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading ,by Kaeppel helps:cool:
  3. Intraday totals for me in ES this week.

    M 2.25

    T x

    W 20

    T 14

    F 15.25
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    Some thing that helped me;
    but frankly somewhat embarrasing in years past , click on year to date chart,
    click on 50 days intraday chart, say hourly.

    More of a monthly % on ES this year ,some %% monyhs,[less last year];
    than on swingtradeng stocks. Dont see a longer time frame much help in index derivatives; like it is in stocks

    And even if you only play short or long only[best both;]
    how much did you get out of those Year to date trends???Too many comissions show you are not letting profis run most likely, or to tight of stops, or both .

    Chicago BOT has some good investor ed, including some wide stops suggestions;
    day trade ES myself, dont like ES overnite , [like overnite swingtrade stocks ]but thier BOT education is helpful
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    to murray t turtle
    ytd trends playing swings only over 100%
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    With most of trends down, heres why if i was swingtrading would be short overnite, trends are friends;
    however with YM,ES both gap up today, thats why prefer intraday.

    All ES,YM /Volente journals may help;
    longer charts intraday can keep comissions reasonable.

    When i dont like my ES profit & loss, usually ;
    crude but effective, trade more a.m. moves than afternoon,
    and adjust profit targets.