Trading the E-Minis with 5-18 day holds.

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  1. My counting is the Swing system once had a 14 days holding short period during dec 02 and jan 03. :confused:
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  2. But the Swing signal is calculated just before the close every day....The Pivot System is just one each 5-19 days. It can also go in the same direction perhaps the holds are longer, I have not counted them.

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  3. Thanks for the information. Good luck from now on! :)
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  4. These things that I am suggesting is deviating from the system. The spreadsheet (piece of it) that I posted naturally was if you followed the signals perfectly. You should always try to follow the system if you want to mimic the results in their performance tables.


    Again, I simply use this service as a $49.00/mo indicator. For the last 2 years I have enjoyed reading their newsletter.

    With the use of Open E-cry brokerage and this newsletter I am able to trade the NQ without charts. The newsletter gives me a nightly well rounded view of the market climate. Open E-cry gives me an online chatroom reporting to me throughout the day and where the various moving averages are.

    I will trade this for awhile......I am short from 1415.50 this am and will hold as we are nearing the next signal projected to be 12/10/03. Naturally, if I have time and I see any scalping opportunities I might play. As we get near a new signal and our current signal matures it gets harder to scalp though.

    If you look at a monthly chart of the NQ these low ranges actually scream out to traders to take a longer time you see it?

    Anyways...3 points that I want to make ...

    1)Get a longer term trading bias.....
    2)Don't care......
    3)There are different ways to take money out of the market.

    Michael B.
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  5. On this first live signal (11/26/03) I am currently at around $600.00 profit trading 1 contract. It floats around as I am net short. We shall see what I end up with.

    I can post my clearing house reports if needed.

    If you were to not have any experience and want to get your feet wet.....well do not do what I do. Find yourself a signal to give you the confidence you need to make longer term decisions.

    For example the current signal I am trading we should have entered on 11/26/03 at the close of 1421.00. I waited till Sunday evening because of the holidays and got short at 4.50 points better than signal price. NOW THIS IS A "NO NO" FOR SYSTEM TRADERS. I find that a longer hold time system such as this can be discretionary traded by the experienced however.

    During this signal I have made 10 RT's and "pulled ticks" of 21 points with 10 trades and currently still in the short at 1415.50 (were trading at 1404.00 at the time of this writing). Now comparing this to just entering and reversing at the next signal will prove that the experienced can improve upon the signal.

    Any other NQ traders feel free to post your directional bias and your trades. Looking forward to it.

    I got to go to work now. I might pop in throughout the day. Can't seem to stay away.

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