trading the dow

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  1. that's right, i trade the EURO and the dow too

    bought 933
  2. out all 964

    flat, awaiting next entry
  3. sold 971
  4. out & reversed long @959

    13 contracts! :cool:

    rolling out the big guns here, and betting the farm
  5. retest 13000

    this is too easy :p
  6. some moron on ES thread just said..dun't know but IF WE DO DUH break the HOD ..62 is in the cards..61 is the HOD.where else but up to 62+ if we break 61. idiot. :D
  7. here comes the volatility..scare out the faint of heart as they push it ever higher :)
  8. can you say GAP UP? i knew you could :D
  9. playing the EURO against the DOw..i'll bank on both don't try this home gamers :cool:
  10. flat all @13001
    #10     Feb 24, 2012