trading the Aussie futures indexes

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jetus, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. jetus


    Anybody consistently trade the Aussie futures?

    I am in the States and am inquiring about data feeds for Ninja Trader for Sierra Charts for this market. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Who's your broker? If it's IB then you already have a free, filtered data feed that's decent enough for most trading styles.

    If, however, you want unfiltered tick data then you're going to have to pony up over $200/month for Esignal or DTN.
  3. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor is a new data feed for NinjaTrader 7.
  4. jetus


    Thanks for the response Filter, I have DTN and PFG Best, but both do not supply a feed for the Aussie futures markets. I can get the indexes from DTN.

    I am hoping to find a broker like DTN that can provide a feed for $30-$50 per month.

    Have traded the Aussie indexes?
  5. Ray - I checked Kinetick's website and it doesn't say that you offer access to SNFE. Is the website missing some exchanges?

    I don't trade SPI, but I do trade Hong Kong futures (HSI, HHI), and I would be interested in an unfiltered data feed that is reasonably priced. I don't see HKFE as an available exchange on your website... do you have any plans to offer Hong Kong in the future?
  6. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    We currently do not offer SNFE, HSI or HHI. No current hard plans at this time.
  7. bone

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    I have three Australian clients trading SFE and other regional exchanges like SGE - the two prop traders clear Man Financial and one is a former hedge fund analyst trading his own account through IB. One of the clients is using the CQG IC Spreader.

    The Australian Dollar, the equity markets, and the fixed income markets are all heavily driven by natural resources. Keep your eye on Rio Tinto.

    Let me know what else you need - I have other clients in the region as well.
  8. jetus



    Thanks for the reply! Heard from Forex trading that the Australian Dollar is tied very heavily to mining, etc. So thanks for the tip on Rio Tinto.

    I have tried to Google vendors that could provide me a feed on the SPI and still not having any luck. Don't want to have to open an account with IB.

    I reviewed your excellent website. I am just trading 10k lots right now on AUD/JPY since it so heavily correlated to the ES. Have been consistently making 40-150 pips 3-4 days out of the week (by mainly reading volume, s/r, fibs and market internals), for a couple of months now, but again just trading micro positions so no stress like having 3-10 ES futures contracts.

    That's what is so appealing about spread trading (it looks a lot less stressful).

    Would you consider forwarding 1-2 of your older videos for a beginner to review?
  9. jetus


    Still on Ninja 6.5, but the eod day downloads sounds appealing.
    So won't feed the eastern markets for now, is there someone else you can suggest I contact?
  10. bone

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    My apologies, but I have no material for public consumption - my clients would be furious.

    Jet you are on the right track - just keep trying to be consistent. Personally, I take a loss every day and so should you. Bang it out, grind it out... that's how it gets done. Key off of those correlated drivers - it's an edge.
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