Trading the after hours rally from friday

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Will the after hours rally hold?

  1. Yes, expect further upsaide monday

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  2. No, it sets up a good sale on monday

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  3. it'll hold better than this thread will hold in trading

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  1. The futures rallied hard after the close friday. An unusual event, but it happened. I'm not sure if this is a real rally that will continue into monday, or a rally that will fade.

  2. another annoying thread started about prognosticating the market...
  3. Take your unhappiness elsewhere. What could be more trading related than discussion of ACTUAL trading?:confused:
  4. yea traderzones stop being a spamming retard. there are many ways to trade and some people are good at anticipating certain friday-monday patterns.

    just because you dont have the talent for something doesnt mean others dont either.

    i cant invest for shit, does that mean i going around trashing buy and holders? nope.

    but i am a great reversal trader and i am also sometimes good at anticipating a days direction ahead of time. i get a 'read' like this maybe once or twice a month max and when i see one im usually right.

    so its not guessing or gambling as you claim, just something you cant do...
  5. What futures are you referring to? The ES dropped slightly in the 15 minutes after NYSE close at 4pm EDT. What future contract trades after 4:15pm EDT on Friday and before the Sunday evening open?
  6. I think OP is talking about how almost all stocks ended up close to 1 percent higher from close.
  7. Fridays afterhours action was interesting.

    I saw big block orders trading on the financial etfs.
  8. I agree
    I think something is going on inside the financials
    Or there will be some kind of news which will come out
  9. The S&P futures, the spy's etc.

    Maybe your screen stopped updating at 4pm and you didn't see it.
  10. Japan's Nomura Holdings is considering acquiring a stake in U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers, the Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Saturday
    Well a lot of people are thinking of acquiring LEh
    I think probably this week will be a violatle week
    Lot,s going on with the financials
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