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  1. Redi, Real Tick from Townsend, Trade Factory, Penson OmniPro will all be presented at a Free Technology Workshop in our Atlanta office. Everyone is invited to stop by for an hour or a day. Even our "competitors" are welcome to come by to see what's new on the market. February 12, 13, and 14th...all day.

    Also: Basket Manager, Pair Trader Pro, and our own proprietary automation will be on display.

    Ed Franco, our COO, and Cash Coyne or Remote Trading Specialist will be hosting along with experts from all the above.

    I hope that all our ET friends can show up...kick the tires....offer suggestions, etc.

    You can call Atlanta at: 404.591.0420, and you can get more information at my website (click on Atlanta).

    (I figure a free learning event about trading techniques and technology is a fair use of this space). If anyone has questions, you can always call me directly at: 800.249.7488

    Try to "click this up" for a few days....thanks!!

  2. Don,

    Any plans to do these at other offices, specifically Bethesda?
  3. DaveN


    How about Denver...??
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    count me in:D
  5. Don is "pair trader pro" a software platform/program itself or it is something that one of those platforms contains within it.

    You should have gotten Neovest down there as well, they have a Sales office near by. Still time.

  6. We already have Neovest in that office...and we will include them as well. Pair Trader Pro is a proprietary trading platform developed within Bright Trading.

    Thanks for the reminder about Neovest....I will include them on the website now!!

  7. We are also bringing in our experts from Canada (some of you know who they are)...who specialize in Pair trading and automation......I want to see all the cynics, friends, skeptics, and naysayers show up in Atlanta......see what is really going on ...

    That means all the real traders in the Atlanta area.....come on by for a visit.....all presented by the people who actually do this stuff..

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    For those of us not nearby, can you guys include a recap on your radio show that weekend? It'd be interesting to hear the highlights.
  9. will there be a demo of redi or can we see how you guys use it?

  10. Do you validate parking?
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