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  1. Anyone know how I might export my daily fills, orders placed, audit trail, to excel?

    I have the version just before version 7 ( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Or, if export to Excel is impossible, how am I supposed to keep a record of all my trades? Is there a way to somehow save the AUditTrail and the TT_FILL window to my computer for my own record keeping. Thanks a lot.
  2. Do you have XP Pro? If so, use the Fill Recapper plug in.
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    have u tried e-mailing your broker's technical support and/or TT support?

    I just switched to X_Trader and noticed one interesting thing, when using trade out function on the MD Trader instead C (to close) in the fill window it shows as O (to open). It happens all the time when using trade out function, though it seems to close out the positions, there is that O symbol instead of a C. Might cause some problems later.
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  4. This is simple. You can actually highlight your FILL window and copy/paste all of your fills to Excel. Furthermore, you can hide the columns from the fill window that you don't need and only copy/paste what you want.

    Another way to do it is through the AuditLog.mdb file in your Logfiles directory. It has a few day's AuditLogs with all your order and fill details. I wouldn't mess with this file much. Just simply open the database for the day you are interested in, filter for fills only and then copy and paste the rest into a spreadsheet.

    Good luck.
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  5. Thanks a lot for your information. HOwever, the first method you outline will actually copy an dpaste only the data in the order fill window without the column headings (i.e. Time, EXCHANGE, QTY, etc..). I will try your other method however. Thanks a lot
  6. That sounds like a great plugin. Where can I download it? Thanks
  7. TT has a download site. Contact your firm or TT for the passwords. I can also email it to you if you like.

  8. There are a lot of great add on tools up there as well. You need XTPro for them to run.