Trading Technologies (TT) Patent (Trademaven and Ninja Trader)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by qtip, May 28, 2005.

  1. qtip


    Did anyone else hear that Trademaven and Ninja Trader have made small changes in their software due to the TT patent. Not sure what changes Ninja trader made, but from what I heard, Trademaven has added a confirimation box every time you place an order.

    I wonder how much this might effect traders because now they will not just be able to quickly place trades.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. I got the impression from Jeremy at Trademaven that when the next version comes out that confirm box will be gone and TM will be legal. But check with TM to be sure.
  3. qtip


    So I am guessing there will not be a confirm box... ? It is very interesting the type of strangle hold TT has with its patent
  4. teddy


    Exactly what is TT's patent?
    Is it the Dom?
    Why is it so powerful?
    Or it may be a weak patent and that TT just want to suit compeitions?

    Can people trade futures using L2 like interface?
  5. Kermit


    It’s the single click, static ladder order entry ability.
  6. qtip


    Exactly, so it seems all of these other companies that use the "ladder" have taken it from the TT aplicaiton. So it seems in order not to be suited, they need to make some minor changes tho their software...
  7. teddy


    It is silly to have a patent on ladder.
    This is like split a level 2 into bids and offers and stack the offers on top of the bids.

    How about create a bid with price and a offer with price.
    Now you have two separate "order entry" boxes.
    If the trader wants to stack the offer box on top of the bid box, that is his business.
    Then there is no patent violations.
  8. too late, all them copycats including ib and patsystems got to pay up to the almighty x-trader god.
  9. ozzy


    what's all this patent stuff. How can they patent order entry related software?? This sounds ridiculous to me.
  10. The key is the price ladder is static, ordinary ladders like Level II are dynamic. Static ones are easy for order entry, dynamic ones are better for displaying price. Static ladder is a good idea, the patent is a little ridiculous though. I'm wondering the guy who invented windows interface has ever got a patent.
    #10     May 30, 2005