Trading Technologies (TT) IPO or Acquisition

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    Hello all -

    I have been following Trading Technologies (TT) for a while both as trading software and as a company.

    I wanted to see what everyone's feelings were regarding the software and the company.

    My take is that the software is solid and has a lot of customized solutions. Also, if you have work for a firm using it, the customer service is great and they send out techs to help. If you are an independent trader, then you must go to your FCM firm for help, which can suck since the only thing brokers know is commissions.

    As a company, they are all over the place with hedge funds, ctas, banks, and fcms... I am curious to see how the patent litigation goes as an answer should be given in September regarding Espeed.

    If the ruling is in favor of TT, then I think they are a great canidate to go public or be acquired.

    If it goes against them, I am curious what will happen since competitors will be popping up all over the place at a cheaper cost.

    Let me know what you think.

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    I've previously commented on the outcome of the Markman phase this past spring on this thread.

    In my opinion, TT is hosed w.r.t. many defendants in the suits consolidated under that Markman decision.

    Strangely enough, I don't agree with the court's approach! i.e., I think the court's construction fails to account for the obvious behavior of a DOM ladder should the market trade outside the ladder's visible range. (Of course it will cease to be static then -- but in the construction, ANY cessation to be static brings the screen outside the patent's claims.)

    The entire situation indicates that TT made 2 major errors in patent strategy:

    1. The claims were not well written to allow this glaring hole
    2. It was dumb to file suit in ND IL where the courts are less experienced with patents. A better choice of venue would have been ED TX.