Trading Technologies allows aggressive Limit Orders?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Con1991, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Con1991


    I have noticed since I began using TT that the platform allows me to enter any limit price I want, and it will show a P/L upon entry even though it may not be entirely filled. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. JSOP


    How can a passive limit order that does nothing but just sits there waiting to be hit be considered "aggressive" is one of those things that I just never understand in this world. LOL

    What you are doing is very normal and is perfectly fine and is allowed on all platforms and should be allowed on those who don't. It should be none of anybody's business what price a limit order is entered at. You don't like the price? Just don't hit it.
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  3. bone

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    I've been using TT for decades and I don't really understand this question. But yeah, even a "partial" fill is an open position subject to a P&L mark. Doesn't really matter how you got there, you have risk on.
  4. Con1991


    For example, if I open a high buy or sell limit order in Crude Oil, and set a price of say 200(not actual current price just messing around with figures here) it will show a floating profit/loss in the account. This is when the limit order is either partially filled or not filled. Giving the account positive equity. It works with all sorts of contracts.
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    That makes no sense to me at all. If it was a Buy order at 200 it would be filled and you would have an open position with a marked P&L. You obviously would not be filled with a Sell order at 200. Is this SIM or a live market?

  6. Con1991


    It is a demo account. I stumbled upon this by playing around with numbers. It mainly works with instruments that have an ask price, but no bid price yet. So I put in a bid price, and that's when sometimes it's partially filled, other times it's a working order.
  7. Con1991


    Bone here is a screenshot of some markets I have open in TT
  8. bone

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    OK, so it's a SIM account on the TT phone app.

    Did you sign up for the demo through a broker with a funded account, or is this the free TT website demo?

  9. Con1991


    It's the free website mobile version. I'm assuming not much difference between mobile and web.
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    Oh that’s not a good assumption. By using the web version on a much larger screen you will be able to pull up many more windows simultaneously and you will be able to get a much better feeling for the functionality.

    But the first thing you need to do is to learn what the different order types are and how they work. Entering a limit order 500% away from the currently traded price is pointless.

    TT is the best futures trading platform there is IMO. But you should know that SIM demo trading environments are not realistic and there are usually P&L errors. Lots of threads here on ET about this over the years.

    Finally, you are using mostly dated expiries that are illiquid. It's not reasonable for you to assume that a SIM environment will be accurate for those dated expiries.
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