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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gammaman, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Gammaman


    Hello all
    Is there a way to to make a price ladder, without infringing on TT´s patent?
    As I understand it, they have a patent on a static ladder. If one made a dynamic ladder. would that overcome the patent issue?

    This will be implemented in a piece of freeware - hence no licenses to TT is possible.

    Any ideas appreciated.

    /Tom :)
  2. As software patents are not enforceable in Europe, it might be possible to do this from a European country. You need to seek expert advice.
  3. You could try contacting They might be able to help or point you to somebody who can.
  4. Gammaman


    Thanks, but at this stage I am only looking for a GUI method to circumvent the patent. Have heard from other small software companies that this is possible, so I hope from some feedback here.
    But I will study your link, thanks
  5. first my usual disclaimer:
    I am a TT shareholder so my opinions have bias. However i am also relatively informed on this topic so maybe i can help.

    1) MD Trader has already received a patent in europe

    2) It depends what one means by dynamic ladder. If you make a price ladder that is always centered (best bid and offer are always in the middle and the price axis changes as the market moves) then you probably are not infringing. The patent is narrow and covers single action order entry with a static price axis.

    3) TT licenses their patent relatively affordably (ninja trader for example)

    If you have any other questions about what does or does not infringe, i would be happy to do my best to answer them.