trading team in montreal

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  1. Hey everyone. I am trying to get a few talented traders to work in a team environment where we can brainstorm over markets, find trades, etc. We can either get set up in a trading room or just over the Internet in a chat room. I’m looking forward for any replies.
  2. are you still trading?
  3. (My cousins are in Montreal. They are proud 'Ukrainians' even though they were all born in Montreal 50 years ago and more! Real genuine backwater cretins of the first order!)

    Good luck with your trading group! Montreal is one of my favourite cities!
  4. Thanks,

    I know a few Ukrainians here. Great people, I always get along with them.

    Your people have a lot of hot chicks. Some times I feel like all the hottest girls from each country comes to move here giving us the ultimate in chicks... Some of these girls spill in to the strip club world which is great for your visits !
  5. 3acor


    hey, still looking?