Trading Team Anyone?

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  1. I am looking to put together a group of traders that have a passion for this living or hobby to help one another. Most of us know the golden rules of trading but can't seem to get over the hump. I have found that the tips and advise I give other people are sound!! For some reason I find it, not impossible but difficult to follow.

    I think it can be very beneficial for a bunch of us to be in an e-mail group that we can give constructive criticism to one another by just hitting "reply all" in our e-mail.

    I spend a lot of time looking for trends in the markets, it would be no big deal for me to e-mail my opinions and vise versa.

    We are all trading our own accounts just simply finding a better vehicle to communicate. WE will weed out a lot of the BS by majority vote.

    If you are interested please respond to this Subject and if it seems like it will work, I will post my e-mail address. Thanks
  2. In addition: my goal and dream is to re-start a group like the turtles but with the experience already within us. Regards
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    yeah. this is definitely interesting. So it's just emailing?
  4. Talented tapereaders PM me.

    The rest of ya'll... good luck.
  5. Yep, Just start with email and you never know may be we will end up in joint venture to start some good investments club or fund.
  6. Sounds good to me.
  7. start a yahoo group and invite folks, there used to be some good ones
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    From your handle I'll assume that you're talking about stocks.

    1) Look-up stonedinvestor, he's a pretty interesting analyst, and always has well-thought ideas about certain picks and why he likes them. Just read his last 10 posts and you'll see what I mean.

    2) Acquaint yourself with Point & Figure analysis. Thomas Dorsey runs a website dedicated to it, and I found that the knowledge helped to be very successfull back when I was investing in and trading stocks/mutual funds.

    Of course when I got to futures, I had to learn a completely different ballgame, but that's another story.

    Good luck,

  9. another good way of doing this is a skype room, someone starts a skype conversation and invites everyone interested. its real time chat so it cant really get any better.
  10. You could have a coffee/trading klatsch at a nearby Starbucks that has wi-fi. You'd meet some decent looking MILF's late in the morning.
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