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  1. I was wondering if anyone here had any success with stock trading systems on

    If so, which ones do you think are good? Good meaning consistent. Not a $50k gain one day and $60k loss the next day...

    Please don't tell me to check their website because i have already done that. Nothing beats real trading and thats why i am trying to get some opinions possibly from people here who may have traded those systems.

    I hope we can have a constructive discussion...
  2. Seriously check the website and spend some time there and interact with the people within that site.
  3. You're absolutely correct. But the reason i came here is because I get unbiased opinions. Usually the dudes on here are total skeptics of everything. So if someone here says something is good, I will confidently try it.
  4. The little window on that site that floats around and tells you about stuff is awesome, yet not annoying. Whoever coded that site gets an A.
  5. Thats a nice futures system. It's only $80 a month. Thats a freakin steal but i am not into futures. I found only these two stock systems for day trading:

    Apparently, these are the only somewhat decent day trading systems for stocks. The first one looks absolutely impossible to trade even from a scalpers perspective!

    The second one looks doable but only been live for 2 weeks. I emailed the person for more data..

    Anyone try any of these two?
  6. I trade (and I'm the developer of) this system:

    Slow and steady wins the race IMO.


    P.S. Not sure if I'm breaking any rules here by posting one of my own systems, but hey, the results speak for themselves.
  7. traders who trade their own money, who have bills due can't wait eve n1 month or even a week.

  8. What is your point?
  9. bespoke


    Defiant is good in theory but you'll never get those fills. Without slippage and fees, the gross per share is only 0.01. Just look at the real life fills they provide and you'll see lots of large slippage. The estimated net after slippage and fees is -0.00. Marketing in 10,000 shares of IBM? Come on....

    At that time frame, milliseconds are crucial. Time it takes for system operator to send signals to C2 (http!) and have it process it, then have C2 send to your broker or instant messenger would take at least a couple of seconds I would think. I know cause I've sent signals to C2 and sometimes they can take a few seconds to process - its quite frustrating.

    I've seen some good systems there but they don't tend to last. There were quite a few good ones in the past but it seems like they eventually pack up and leave because possibly they get picked up by someone large? Haven't seen anything for stocks lately that I would be interested in trading. Some nice looking futures ones though.
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