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  1. I see that there are sites where you can choose from a "menu" of trading systems and subscribe. Apparently, their server trades your account on your behalf. They don't give you the algorithm. Some systems show annual return of 200% or more. Seems to good to true. There's gotta a catch, right? Has anyone tried one of them?
  2. When you don't see system statistics, you can assume that most of them are not very good. You need at LEAST Profit Factor, Sharpe or Sortino, Maximum drawdown

    Very very very few publicly available systems are much good. That is usually why the vendor is marketing it in the first place.

    If it made good profits and good stats for a long time period (and was not the 10th or 20th attempt by the same individual), it would probably be approached by a hedge fund or wealthy individuals about going private
  3. There are very good trading systems available, have a look at

    You will see that some don't accept anymore subscribers because they have reached their saturation point.

    One of the best is Systematic Signals with excellent risk/reward figures with a track record of around 2 years
  4. I have seen this site quite a few times. Their systems are nothing impressive. Saturated ones are people throwing money at something who do not grasp that "past performance may not correlate to future performance". A number of those sold-out systems languished after that point.

    This site also lacks the serious stats needed to evaluate, so many of them are Hold&Hope or have poor Profit factor, etc. to pimp the equity curve.

  5. Nothing impressive ?

    Have a close look at Systematic Signals, they have a typical risk/reward of 10
  6. Remember that on many sites there are say 10,000 systems, and only maybe 10-20 that show good results. You'd expect that many due to just random chance. Don't be fooled by random selection.....
  7. Exactly --- +1. Systematic signals basically seems to use the same logic, but put a handful of permutations up. A large number of systems die, so a few are always on top. But that does not mean that 2 years from now, they will still be there.
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    I have looked a few systems and purchased Nexgen's T3. I was lured in by the sales rep who told me I would be profitable 80% of the time. The company also claims to provide outstanding education. It is true I can attend the classes and view the web material over and over. But the classes are conducted by non traders and are very basic. I simmed it for 12 months daily without emotion. Just follow the indicators and the Nexgen entries and exits. I found that after 1490 trades, my pretend equity was minus 40%. I honestly can't see it working. To add insult to injury, the nexgen folks don't stay with you until you understand as they promised. In my case they didn't even provide me the eight hours of personal training I purchased. Instead they put me in a room, with others, where the moderator made useless comments on my charts. There was no real teaching. So let the buyer beware. The system vendors are like car sales people. If the system was even a little better than breakeven, it would be a trade secret. Think about it and good luck. I paid 16k to get hosed by non traders. Shame on me.
  9. How they know beforehand which permutations are gonna be profitable ?? LOL
    If you would have done your homework, you would know that strategy runner does NOT delete ANY non-profitable systems of systematic signals.
    ALL of them are profitable with similar resuts and risk/reward figures.

    Why don't you contact a broker that has their systems running and find out ?

    As usual , you are talking again out of your a..

    P.S. By your logic, anyone who is profitable , is lucky.....
  10. Duh! Nobody knows which will be profitable, but just due to random luck a certain number will be. Everyone ignores the unprofitable systems and focuses on the profitable ones.

    I've never been to strategy runner's website, but this is definitely the case at collective2. They have 8000+ systems with maybe 10-20 profitable ones.
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